Francis has thirty years of experience of parliamentary life. For sixteen of those years he has served as Minister of different portfolios. More importantly for Francis Zammit Dimech the future still beckons since he looks upon experience as the means to be of further service to the country by being of service in whatever challenges may lie ahead.

He has also always been a beacon of loyalty towards the Nationalist Party and towards the people he has represented in Parliament.

Whenever put to the test, he has always placed the national interest way above any other consideration and certainly way above any personal interests.

Roamer summed it all up as follows –

“And loyalty? What’s that all about? I have been meaning to mention this for some time and to doff my cap/hat in the direction of Francis Zammit Dimech, who was returned to Parliament having left the House as a minister and returned to it as a Member of Parliament. His behaviour has been impeccable; not once has he spoken out of turn, not once betrayed signs of any bitterness – which is more than can said for quite a few backbenchers on the government’s side of the House.

Not only; he has maintained constant contact with his constituents when others on both sides of the political divide have followed devices that were well outside their remit as representatives of their constituents..” - Roamer’s Column, The Sunday Times, 12 June 2011