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Broadcasting has always been an area that fascinated me – as a subject of speciality when I was studying law; as a broadcaster for a number of years, and as the person entrusted to make sure that the people receive a fair deal from broadcasters in general but especially from the national station.

Not that long ago, we had one national television station and one national radio station – Labour would not allow private stations or any other means for other opinions to make it to the national airwaves. That even meant censoring the name of the Leader of the Opposition and highly abusive misreporting. I had written a book about the matter entitled ‘The Untruth Game’. It also meant repeatedly going to our Courts of Law to seek redress.

When Labour were back in office in 1996, it meant going back to our Courts of Law to prevent them from dismantling broadcasting panels used by the Nationalist Party as well as seek and obtain a right of reply to a series of programmes that dealt with the removal of VAT – only to substitute it with a higher and less efficient tax system!

Regrettably during the last legislature we have once again witnessed a regression in standards and public broadcasting services more often than not became a blatant propaganda tool for Government.
Thank God for pluralism for us to be able to discover the whole truth which is otherwise maliciously concealed from us.

There is scope for further innovation and a revolutionary approach to broadcasting. That will mean better safeguarding the rights of viewers and listeners, offering more choice while making broadcasting less dependent on political stations, absorbing the creative strength of the new digital systems and making further leaps forward.

This is the future that I cherish and believe in.