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I am satisfied to have been directly responsible for three major projects that required massive investment by the private sector by creating the required public – private ventures to provide for these opportunities.

I am referring first and foremost to the Manoel Island / Tigne’ development project. A visit to The Point – a landmark within this project already speaks volumes for the entire project. Negotiations with developers had ensured that buildings of historic importance be restored and given new scope – in this case Fort Manoel and Lazzareto hospital are two examples of how this principle was respected.

Another success story is the Cottonera development project – from abandoned buildings some of which were used for car spraying and welding, we have a series of restaurants and shops that adorn the Vittoriosa Quay. That is apart from a Casino’, a new hotel that is being constructed and of course the yacht marina that also provides berthing facilities for larger boats.

Particular satisfaction is derived from having been also responsible for the Valletta Cruise Liner Passenger Terminal. My role was to bringing in VISET into the picture – and task that private entity with the development of the entire area as well as with expanding on our cruise liner handling capability and facilities.