Our Environment - Track Record

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When I was Minister responsible for the environment, I regularly engaged with NGOs that work within this sector since their contribution is truly invaluable.

A major challenge that had to be addressed was with regard to waste management. With the help of experts who were appointed with the assistance of funding that was provided by the European Union in anticipation of membership, I had seen to the drawing up of Malta’s first ever Waste Management Plan. We used to affectionately refer to it as our Green Manual. It provided a precise time line for the actions that needed to be carried out – ranging from closing down Maghtab to providing for an engineered landfill that can be used for hazardous waste, identifying new waste treatment options where waste can become a commodity by reducing, re-using and recycling waste – using waste to produce new products from it as well as to produce energy.

Another challenge was to ensure that the bating waters surrounding our country will be clean and clear from liquid waste – by treating that waste and transforming it into second class water that can be used for agricultural purposes