My Track Record

I present myself again as a candidate for the Nationalist Party on the ninth and tenth electoral districts.

I believe more than ever that candidates need to be assessed in the light of their track record – what they have been able to achieve, deliver and how they have behaved even in difficult circumstances.

I humbly present for the people’s own judgement what I have been up to over all the years that I had the honour to represent the electorate of these two districts in Parliament as I seek again your vote to be able to be of further service to you.

Broadcasting - Track Record

Broadcasting has always been an area that fascinated me – as a subject of speciality when I was studying law; as a broadcaster for a number of years, and as the person entrusted to make sure that the people receive a fair deal from broadcasters in general but especially from the national station.

Foreign Policy

Serving as Minister for Foreign Affairs and before that chairing our Parliament’s Foreign and European Affairs Committee during the last Nationalist legislature has been another motivating.

Investment - Track Record

I am satisfied to have been directly responsible for three major projects that required massive investment by the private sector by creating the required public – private ventures to provide for these opportunities.

Our Environment

When I was Minister responsible for the environment, I regularly engaged with NGOs that work within this sector since their contribution is truly invaluable.

Tourism, Culture and the Arts - Track Record

Francis Zammit Dimech managed in 2008 to achieve an absolute record in the number of tourists arriving in Malta. That followed the introduction for the first time ever in our aviation history of low cost carriers.

Working with Young People - Track Record

At the age of 14, Francis set up Teens’ and Twenties’ Talent Trust – or as more popular known then: 4Ts. Hundreds of young people had joined this youth movement that remained very active in the seventies and eighties.