Working with Young People - Track Record - Track Record

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At the age of 14, Francis set up Teens’ and Twenties’ Talent Trust – or as more popular known then: 4Ts. Hundreds of young people had joined this youth movement that remained very active in the seventies and eighties.

Then between 1977 and 1979, Francis was President of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) and later of Kunsill tal-Istudenti Universitarji (KSU) – that was when students had to strongly put up a fight to safeguard their future, to protest against the fact that the Labour Government was then dismantling the University as well as against the imposition of a ‘student-worker’ scheme on students as opposed to accepting that they are entitled to stipends for the very fact that they are students.

In 1985, Francis became President of MZPN – the Nationalist Party Youth Movement.

As Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Francis was the Minister to enter into an agreement with MTV through which we began to have in Malta the now famous annual event ‘Isle of MTV’.