Foreign Policy

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I have had the privilege of serving as the last Minister for Foreign and European Affairs during the Nationalist legislature of 2008 – 2013.

Before serving as Foreign Minister, I had the role of chairing our Parliament’s Foreign and European Affairs Committee has been another challenge in its own right.

Foreign policy does not simply relate to what is foreign and what is considered by some persons as pertaining to whatever relates to other countries and institutions. Foreign policy is as much about domestic, personal and national issues as any other area of government!

Think of foreign policy as the means to be effective within the European Union of which we form part and to ensure through that policy that Malta benefits though numerous projects that are funded by the European Union. Or think of it as the means through which we look beyond our insular horizons and interact with other European people in the different parts of Europe through regular exchange programmes. Or go further and think of the European Union as the means to guarantee stability and growth and that is how we will safeguard not merely the future of the euro a currency for its own sake but as means to generate new opportunities and overcoming challenges by acting wisely and decisively.

Foreign policy is also about the concept of solidarity – and appreciating that whatever happens in any other part of the world has an impact on our own lives.