The Information Communications Technology sector has been one of the most interesting challenges that I just enjoyed handling.

Think back to July 1990 and I was launching Malta’s first ever mobile phone. The incredible growth since then relates to providing the country with a digital platform, installing a fibre optic loop be-tween our telephone exchanges and linking our country with the outside world – again through fibre optic technology – and doing all that always with clear vision and determination. Then add to this equation, the infrastructural changes, policy revolutions including privatisation of the sector, allowing competitive forces to work and creating structures to safeguard customers.

That has been the formula that I had the privilege of promoting for our country.

Now more than ever, we cannot look back but have to keep aiming at being the forefront of the digital revolution. This is the age where televisions, recording systems, telephones, computers and a host of other services ‘talk to each other’ – or interact with each other in a way that gives us more freedom and choice than ever before. This is my vision for the future inspired by what we have achieved so far but now determined to make further leaps ahead as we discover the potential of new technologies, open source systems and the total revolution that is still evolving in the ICT field.

We need to be proactive protagonists of this revolution rather than merely reacting to new ideas. The ICT sector places Malta at the forefront with other countries since this is the revolution where size of one’s country does not really matter. What matters is that we keep our thinking hats on and that we remain innovative and daring enough to go for further growth and challenges. This is what I firmly believe in. Our educational set up, our entertainment world, our leadership – all need to be geared for the exciting future that is within our grasp. We can and we will.

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