Who I am

I have decided to enter into the political scene to be of service to others. I believe that persons who opt to become politicians without appreciating that politics is only satisfying as long as it looked upon as being a life long mission, had better stay away from politics! In the light of the abysmal track record of the present Government, more than ever we need to stand out for the values of honesty and integrity. Persons who do not cherish such values had better stay out of pol-itics completely since they can only cause untold harm to the country and the people as a whole.

I was elected to Parliament for the first time in 1987 and in all subsequent elections – always con-testing as I shall do again in the forthcoming general election – in respect of the ninth and tenth electoral districts in the interests of the Nationalist Party.

During my tenure in Parliament, I have also had the privilege of being Minister in respect of a num-ber of key portfolios including transport and communications, works, capital projects, infrastruc-ture, environment, as well as tourism and culture. Achievements include the setting up of Malta International Airport, introducing Malta’s digital platform for telecommunications, launching Mal-ta’s first mobile phone service, piloting Malta’s waste management strategy, seeing to the prome-nade project in St Julian’s and Sliema, ensuring that three public – private sector major projects kick off: that is the Manoel Island / Tigne’ project, the Cottonera project and the Valletta Cruise Liner Passenger Terminal project; placing the safeguarding of our cultural and historic heritage on more solid foundations, introducing major events in Malta which were unheard of until then – such as ‘Notte Bianca’ and ‘Isle of MTV’, and achieving a new record in the number of tourists visiting country after seeing to the introduction of low cost carriers to Malta.

It is my privilege to offer myself again to represent my constituents on the ninth and tenth elec-toral districts.